Missionized Aircraft Engineering Solutions

As Canada’s longest-serving Design Approval Organization (DAO), Cascade provides full engineering services of piston to turbine conversions; full and combination cargo conversions; and for special roles such as reconnaissance, maritime patrol; search and rescue and firefighting.

Aircraft Maintenance Workbay

Full Range of Missionized Aircraft Services

Whether it’s a standard conversion such as a cargo conversion or sensitive conversion such as reconnaissance programs, Cascade’s full range of services support our customers’ needs on almost any airframe. This includes design, manufacture, installation, test and certification.

Cascade’s Engineering and Products Group is a team of exceptionally experienced engineering professionals who have an excellent range and depth of aeronautical skills. They are strongly positioned to design and develop complex products and support them through their life-cycle. Cascade also provides a broad range of fleet management and Integrated Logistics Support.

Canada's Longest Serving Design Approval Organization

Cascade is Transport Canada’s longest serving Design Approval Organization and most of the design approval can be completed and certified in-house by Cascade authorized Design Approval Representatives (DAR). Cascade’s capabilities include:

  • Design, development, certification and production of products including specialty aircraft, freighter conversions, engine retrofits and system modifications;
  • Design, development, integration and certification of major modifications and installations;
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and Limited Supplemental Type Certificates (LSTC) development and certification that meet Canadian, US and European regulatory requirements
  • Damage analysis, repair design and certification; and
  • Preventive maintenance and maintenance program development.

Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance Operations

Cascade also provides full engineering support to Cascade’s inspection and maintenance operations including:

  • Engineering dispositions;
  • Non-standard repairs; and
  • Life cycle materiel management programs.