Aircraft Repairs & Overhauls

Cascade Aerospace’s onsite Repair and Overhaul capabilities allows for most work to be completed on site reducing the need of costly outsourcing and increases operational availability.

Aircraft Cockpit

  • Eddy Current testing including bolt hole eddy current (BHEC), High frequency eddy current (HFEC) and Low frequency multi-layer eddy current (LFEC).
  • Conductivity testing for material sorting and/or material conductivity surveys.
  • Ultrasonic testing including, thickness testing, shearwave inspection, on aircraft NDT procedures and subsurface corrosion surveys as well as composite material testing.
  • LPI Liquid Penetrant Testing including post emulsified LPI, Solvent removable LPI, and Water wash LPI on aircraft components. Also full mobile kit for on aircraft work using solvent removable or water wash penetrant.
  • MPI Magnetic Particle Testing. Mobile yoke AC/DC testing on bolts, components or welds on aircraft or on the bench.
  • The shop is equipped with a Bondmaster capable of testing composite materials on, or off aircraft for delamination and proper bonding.
  • 4 Technicians, all CGSB Level II Licensed in the various methods listed above.
  • Add Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) and mobile yoke
Aircraft Short Pod Power Unit
Sheet Metal R&O Shop

Cascade’s sheet metal shop is equipped to manufacture, repair, and overhaul sheet metal parts or components with use of approved OEM and engineering data and standard practices. The shop has power equipment capable of: cutting, bending, folding, drilling, rolling of skins, shot peening, welding capabilities, machining capabilities, hot and cold dimpling.

Other competencies also include the capability of repairing or modifying composite structures including integral bonded metal members or fasteners. The rating includes repair of metal or wood sheathed laminated structures. In addition, Cascade can manufacture parts, kits, or assemblies for aircraft use from approved OEM engineering data.

Aircraft Wing Box
Interiors Shop

Advanced Life Support Equipment (Shop)

Inspection, testing and repair of life rafts, life vests, seat belts, and survival kits.

Interior shop

Inspection, repair, overhaul and modification of interior components including seats, flight crew seats, insulation, blankets, sode walls, panels, curtains, cargo netting, restraint systems and bulkheads and floor coverings. Equipped with tools for cutting, bonding, packing and pull testing.

Aircraft Wing Box
Paint Shop

  • Stripping and refinishing of components including etching, conversion coating, priming, painting and stencil marking.
  • Equipped with ventilated paint spray booths, acid etch and conversion coating baths, rinse equipment, electrostatic sprayers, sanders, mixing and measuring equipment, ventilated stripping table and computerized stencil cutter.
  • Total aircraft repaint.
Aircraft Wing Box
Hydraulic Shop

  • Aircraft rigid tubing, complete fabrication of 1\4" to 1 1\4" tubes with flared, flareless or beaded tube ends.
  • Aircraft rigid tubing fabrication, 1 1\2" to 3" straight tubing (no bends) with beaded ends.
  • Pressure check of rigid and flexible aircraft fluid tubing 0 to 3000 psi.
  • Assembly of nicopress type cable assemblies.
  • Assembly and proof testing of aircraft control cable assemblies (excluding Loc clad cables) 1\16" to 1\4" cables.
  • Fabrication of flex hoses.
Aircraft Wing Box
Composite R&O Shop

  • Inspection, repair, overhaul and modification of composite components, metal honeycomb structure, metal to metal bonding and medal/wood structures.
  • Equipped with tools for cutting, grinding, sanding, measuring and curing of composite materials, metal honeycomb structure and metal/wood structures.
  • Have equipment for TATS composite raw materials.

Cascade’s composite shop also has a paint booth for cleaning, acid etch prepping for metal bonded structures and refinishing of all structures.