Missionized Aerospace Engineering Solutions

Cascade is well-known for its aerospace engineering services for custom product design, manufacturing and certification. We have extensive in-house engineering capabilities with a large complement of senior design engineers, engineers, technologists and support personnel on site. Cascade's engineering team has worked closely with our customers for over 25 years developing and obtaining airworthiness approvals for major aircraft modifications, and is highly experienced in all aspects including aircraft structures, systems, avionics, interiors, electrical and flight analysis.

Missionized Aircraft Engineering Services

Cascade’s TCCA DAO 90-V-01 was established in 1990 and continues to serve as the primary airworthiness foundation for all Cascade aerospace engineering programs. The DAO is supported by a number of Delegate engineers led by our Airworthiness Control Representative.

The delegation capabilities are complemented by a design support network which is a TCCA approved operational mechanism to embody specialist engineering where and when required. Hence the DAO has a means by which any compliance requirement can be satisfied, this includes specified involvement of the regulator where delegations are not supported by TCCA policy.

Cascade has a broad and extensive engineering base of knowledge and experience with of airframes including the C-130 Hercules, Bombardier Q400 and CRJ, and the Boeing Narrow body aircraft which include numerous modifications to the airframe, navigation, communications, flight management, aircraft systems integration and testing.

In addition to the strong OEM relationships that form the basis for alterations to aircraft systems, ICA’s that are associated to continuing airworthiness of aging aircraft, adaptation to specialized mission requirements and management of obsolescence Cascade’s engineering team have extensive experience with design regulation, standards, certification management and establishing compliant outcomes in the form of STC, RDC’s, as well as equivalent certifications within domains other than the civil airworthiness structure.